Friday, September 24, 2010

fuck homework, let's pizza

as many of you already know your's truely is a vegetarian man

this means i don't eat meat but it doesn't mean i don't eat pizza

thank god for that

pizza is one of my number one favorite foods. it used to be number one but now toast is #1


i love pizza

especially plain cheese pizza (since i cant have meat toppings and mushrooms are gross)

no shrooms thanks

pizza only. pizza forever

my friends and i like to order pizza and watch spongebob

or 30 rock

and we put numerous red pepper flakes on our pizza because we are straight pizza heads

p is for pizza

i is for in my mouth

z is for zany

z is for zoinks

a is for all the time

this has been a pizza post
special thanks to Pizza Hut and Dominos and Papa Johns for giving me pizza


  1. Fuck pizza, make homework watch, then get some ice for your junk, because pizza is hot.

  2. Pizza is really tasty, you should try one with fruits on it!

  3. it's debatable whether dominoes is real pizza or not but regardless, it's delicious.

  4. That made me really want some cheesepizaa.

  5. Jesus christ I want Pizza now...

  6. i had pizza yesterday hahahahahahahahahahahahaha